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CCTV Cameras

Crystal Clear CCTV Images

CCTV can provide crystal clear images, in Full HD or even 4K resolution.  Installations can be simple or sophisticated with heat mapping, Artificial Intelligence, Number Plate Recognition and many other features.

Remote Access

PC, Mobile, Tablet… anywhere!

Our CCTV Installations allow you to remotely view your cameras anywhere over the internet.  Secure access is crucial.  But with the right credentials you can view camera footage on your mobile, PC or tablet with a simple application.  You can even monitor individual cameras from multiple locations on one platform.

School Installations

Installers are CSCS accredited.

Familar with working environment

Multiple installations supported across the UK.

Excellent Supplier relationships mean we can supply you quickly and easily.

Full design service available.


Qualified installation and support

 Safeguarding pupils and staff


Care Homes

Care Homes are unique in their need for CCTV.  CQC regulated, Care Homes provide wonderful services to residents.  Sometimes disputes occur, accidents happen or even procedures are not followed.  CCTV can help resolve disputes, provide evidence and improve staff training and productivity.


Dispute Resolution


Staff training and productivity

Hotel Sector

Hotels are a busy place, with staff, residents and casual guests there is a lot of potential for accidents or issues to arise.  Our CCTV systems can provide simple recordings for future use, or more enhanced features such as facial recognition and alerts, alarms if someone is in a restricted area and number plate recognition in car parking areas.

Retail Sector

Sophisticated Retail CCTV Solutions

Retail is the most diverse of all possible CCTV Applications, with heat mapping, facial recognition and high quality images highly sought after.  In addition Local governance mandates you have CCTV as part of the BWS licence and 30 days recording.

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